Release Notes of TWiki-6.0.2 (Jerusalem), 2015-11-29


TWiki is an enterprise collaboration platform and application platform. TWiki has been downloaded over half a million times and is used as a mission critical platform by many leading Fortune 500 businesses and government agencies on their intranet, extranet or public website. Users without programming skills can create web applications. Developers can integrate TWiki applications with other enterprise applications.

TWiki-6.0.0 released on 2013-10-05 is a major release that has a shiny new dashboard look. It brings many usability enhancements, strengthens TWiki as an application platform, and scales to very large deployments with thousands of webs and a million pages.

TWiki-6.0.1 released on 2014-10-05 is a patch release that adds some minor new features and fixes a number of bugs, including TWiki:Codev.SecurityAlert-CVE-2014-7236 and TWiki:Codev.SecurityAlert-CVE-2014-7237.

TWiki-6.0.2 released on 2015-11-29 is a patch release that adds some minor new features and fixes a number of bugs.

Feature Highlights

  • Usability Enhancements
    • Add dashboards to Web home topics
    • Categorize TWiki variables & add TWiki Variables wizard
    • Upgrade to TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to version 3.5.8
    • New TOPICTITLE variable for non-WikiWord topic titles
    • Show topic title in square bracket links using [[+TopicName]] syntax
    • Icon bullet lists: Specify any TWiki doc graphics icon as a bullet
    • WebSearch and WebChanges has now search result pagination
    • WebChanges shows topic age instead of topic date
    • Auto-discover TWikiForms, e.g. no need to set in WEBFORMS preferences setting
    • Move change TWiki Form from edit screen to "more" screen
    • Show link to older versions of attachments in attachment table
    • Automatically link @Twitter handles
    • Add comment section to new topic template
    • Copy/clone topic function in more topic action screen
    • Configurable signatures with profile pictures
    • Open external links in new browser window or tab; show external link icon
    • Drag and drop file attachments - PatternSkin to integrate DropzoneJSSkin - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • Add drag and drop to change profile picture screen - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • Responsive multi-column page layout using CSS using TWOCOLUMNS...ENDCOLUMNS - added in TWiki-6.0.2
    • Search attachments in a web with new WebSearchAttachments topic to all webs - added in TWiki-6.0.2
    • Easier TWiki installation by adding Perl CGI module to TWiki core distribution - added in TWiki-6.0.2

  • Scalability Enhancements
    • Read-only and mirror web support for distributed TWiki sites
    • MetadataRepository for site metadata and web metadata to speed up operations across many webs
    • Rename topic operation with option to not replace web internal references
    • Rename web operation can cope with a large site and read-only/mirror webs
    • Introducing web-level administrator for higher web autonomy; web specific WIKIWEBMASTER
    • Support for multiple disk drives for data and pub directories

  • TWiki Application Platform Enhancements
    • New EDITFORMFIELD variable to easily create custom forms to create/change topics with TWiki Forms
    • Add rev parameter to FORMFIELD variable
    • New combobox TWiki Form field type
    • New ENTITY variable to entity encode content
    • New CHILDREN variable to show topic children added in TWiki-6.0.2
    • Add createdate, default, encode parameters to SEARCH variable
    • SEARCH variable with sort by parent feature
    • SEARCH variable extended to make results pagination possible
    • SEARCH: Search with sort by multiple fields - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • SEARCH: Sort by parent breadcrumb - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • SEARCH: Control over formfield rendering in a formatted SEARCH - added in TWiki-6.0.2
    • Add encode, newline, nofinalnewline, allowanytype to INCLUDE variable
    • Add subwebs and depth parameters to WEBLIST variable
    • Add section parameter to ADDTOHEAD variable
    • Add encode and decode functions to TWiki::Func
    • Add LWP parameters to TWiki::Func::getExternalResource
    • Conditional Skin based on group membership and other criteria
    • Finer-control variable expansion in topic creation
    • Add topic parameter to VAR variable to get settings defined in another topic
    • Add raw parameter to INCLUDE variable to include a topic in the raw mode
    • New csv encode type for ENCODE variable - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • ENCODE variable with new type="json" parameter to escape a string for JSON use - added in TWiki-6.0.2

  • Security Enhancements
    • Support for an implicit "all users" group
    • Empty DENY setting means undefined setting
    • Dynamic access control (experimental)
    • Upgrade support for secure email notification
    • Restrict HTTP variable to not reveal certain header fields
    • User masquerading to check if access restriction is working as expected for another user
    • Disable XSS Protection for JavaScript

  • Extensions Enhancements
    • Add new WatchlistPlugin to core and deprecate MailerContrib
    • Add new TWikiDashboardAddOn to core distribution
    • Add new ScrollBoxAddOn to core distribution
    • Add new DatePickerPlugin to core and deprecate JSCalendarContrib
    • Add new MovedSkin to core distribution
    • SpreadSheetPlugin supports hash variables with new functions GETHASH(), HASH2LIST(), HASHCOPY(), HASHEACH(), HASHEXISTS(), HASHREVERSE(), LIST2HASH(), SETHASH(), SETMHASH()
    • SpreadSheetPlugin adds new functions BIN2DEC(), DEC2BIN(), DEC2HEX(), DEC2OCT(), HEX2DEC(), OCT2DEC()
    • SpreadSheetPlugin supports quoted parameters with '''triple quotes'''
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions ADDLIST(), GETLIST(), SETLIST() - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: FORMAT(CURRENY, ...) with support for currency symbol - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: Allow newlines and indent around functions and function parameters; allow newlines in triple-quoted strings - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions EQUAL(), NOTE(), RANDSTRING() - added in TWiki-6.0.2
    • InterwikiPlugin to observe the links configuration parameter
    • TablePlugin: Possible to add TML (TWiki markup) with newlines in TWiki table cells
    • TagMePlugin with support for multiple tag namespaces
    • PatternSkin: New hideInPrint CSS class to hide specific content from printing - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • PatternSkin: Show history and other topic actions in read-only skin mode - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • SetGetPlugin: SET and GET with support for JSON objects and JSON path - added in TWiki-6.0.2
    • SetGetPlugin: Ability to specify store name to persistently store variables - added in TWiki-6.0.2
    • SetGetPlugin: SetGetPlugin: Use file locking on persistent store to prevent corrupting the store - added in TWiki-6.0.2
    • JQueryPlugin: JQTAB enhancements: Show blue link instead of red on hover over tab; make tab css overridable; remove dotted underline below tab; active tabs with gray gradient - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • JQueryPlugin: Option to load tab content asynchronously; select specific tab in jQuery tab pane; allow tab panes in bullet lists & TWiki table cells; allow HTML in tab title - added in TWiki-6.0.2
    • WatchlistPlugin: Don't notify oneself when watching topics; set minor change when updating watchlist topic - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • WatchlistPlugin: Watch all topics in web and watch new topics in web; fix for mod_perl - added in TWiki-6.0.1

  • Miscellaneous Feature Enhancements
    • CGI Engine to be made Fast CGI compatible
    • Empty IF condition to be regarded valid and false
    • Add seconds to the timestamp in debug/log/warn
    • Viewing topic text with variables expanded
    • WEBLIST canmoveto and cancopyto
    • Add viewRedirectHandler callback to plugins API
    • No such topic, no such web, access denied are done right
      • Return "404 Not Found" status for topic not found instead of 200 OK status
      • Return "404 Not Found" status and show "No Such Web" page title for no such web without redirecting to an oops URL titled "Access Denied"
      • Return "403 Access Denied" status for access denied without redirecting to an oops URL whose status code is "200 OK"
    • Statistics enhancements to show most viewed webs, most updated webs, most popular webs, top viewers, # of unique users who viewed, saved, and uploaded on the web/site, affiliation breakdown
    • Specifying webs to be excluded from WebStatistics update
    • Statistics topics can be annualized to e.g. WebStatistics2013, WebStatistics2014. This prevents statistics topics from growing indefinitely
    • For paragraphs generate <p>...</p> instead of <p/>
    • 20 new TWikiDocGraphics icons Analyze Control panel Counter Factory Transparent LED Minus node graph Minus node graph right Minus node graph up-down-right Minus node graph up-right Plus node graph Plus node graph right Plus node graph up-down-right Plus node graph up-right Opportunity Pick Phone extension Toll-free Phone Switch off Switch on Watchlist
    • 16 new TWikiDocGraphics icons Clipboard Delegate Microsoft Word file Gray close LED Gray minus LED Gray plus LED Mobile carrier XPS PowerPoint SMS Visio document Visio document Visio document Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet XMind XPS - added in TWiki-6.0.1
    • 5 new TWikiDocGraphics icons First class Help open Help close Request See also - added in TWiki-6.0.2
    • New COPY, REG, TM variables for copyright, registered trademark and trademark symbols, respectively - added in TWiki-6.0.1

Pre-installed Extensions

TWiki-6.0 ships with:

Note: WatchlistPlugin, TWikiDashboardAddOn, ScrollBoxAddOn, DatePickerPlugin, MovedSkin are new in TWiki-6.0.

Supported User Interface Languages

The user interface of this TWiki version is localized to 19 languages:

English (default), Bulgarian (bg), Chinese simplified (zh-cn), Chinese traditional (zh-tw), Czechoslovakian (cs), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), German (de), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Slovakian (sv), Spanish (es), Ukrainian (uk).

Note: TWiki needs to be configured properly to display user interface languages other than the default English language. Details in TWiki:TWiki.InstallationWithI18N and TWiki:TWiki.InternationalizationSupplement.

Notes for TWiki Administrators and Wiki Champions

New Dashboard Feature

A dashboard comes into play when users need to get an overview of their work and want to navigate quickly to relevant places. The TWikiDashboardAddOn application is designed to give administrators a tool to quickly create dashboards for the intranet home, knowledge base, team homepages, project homepages, and more. The TWiki web homes are now dashboards, and we invite you to use this to prettify your own team homepages and TWiki applications.

Dashboard screenshot (click to enlarge)
A simple dashboard with three tiles is defined as follows:
%DASHBOARD{ section="dashboard_start" }%
%DASHBOARD{ section="box_start" title="Tile 1 title" }%
Tile 1 content
%DASHBOARD{ section="box_end" }%
%DASHBOARD{ section="box_start" title="Tile 2 title" }%
Tile 2 content
%DASHBOARD{ section="box_end" }%
%DASHBOARD{ section="box_start" title="Tile 3 title" }%
Tile 3 content
%DASHBOARD{ section="box_end" }%
%DASHBOARD{ section="dashboard_end" }%

Dashboards can optionally have a banner image. TWikiDashboardImages has a collection of over 100 images to chose from.

The tiles have a gray shadow look and have rounded corners. The style is based on the ScrollBoxAddOn. That application also supports scrollable text and image rotation.

New WatchlistPlugin

The WatchlistPlugin is a new addition to TWiki. It adds watchlist feature to TWiki topics. Topics of interest can be watched and unwatched. A user can see recent changes of all watched topics. A user can also subscribe to get e-mail notification of changes, either immediately on each topic save, or in digest mode once a day. The top-menu has a new "Watch" pulldown to watch and unwatch the current topic.

The WatchlistPlugin will eventually replace the MailerContrib, e.g. the current WebNotify based subscription is deprecated and will be retired in a future TWiki release.

Scalability Enhancements

TWiki has been enhanced to support and manage large site with thousands of users, hundreds of webs, and a million pages:

  • You can enable the MetadataRepository to enumerate webs. If you have thousands of webs, it takes a while to traverse the data directory to find out all webs, which happens e.g. when showing the selection of move destination. MetadataRepository can house additional information for your custom user mapping manager to consume.

  • You can make webs autonomous, which means that each web has its owners, who get full access to the web regardless of access restriction setting. If you have thousands of webs, you may be fed up with web owners asking for help when they lock themselves out by mistake.

  • You can use multiple disks. If you have thousands of webs, all webs may not fit one single disk.

More on managing a large site.

Spec Change for Empty DENYTOPICVIEW

From TWiki 4.0 and prior to 6.0, the syntax * Set DENYTOPICVIEW = (nothing) in a topic means deny nobody the topic view. The reason for this behavior is that it allows public access to a topic in a restricted web, e.g. having * Set ALLOWWEBVIEW = Main.VipGroup in WebPreferences. This is not symmetric with the fact that an empty DENYWEBVIEW is the same as an undefined DENYWEBVIEW, hence confusing.

From TWiki 6.0 on, an empty DENYTOPICVIEW means the same as not defined. To open up a topic in a restricted web, you need to use * Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Main.AllUsersGroup. The Main.AllUsersGroup is new. It is a pseudo group containing all authenticated and unauthenticated users. You can use Main.AllAuthUsersGroup if you want to specify all authenticated users.

To keep publicly accessible topics in restricted webs publicly accessible, the tools/eliminate_emptydenytopic script is provided, which replaces * Set DENYTOPIC<action> = with * Set ALLOWTOPIC<action> = Main.AllUsersGroup in all topics in all webs.

Dynamic Access Control

Dynamic access control allows you to use TWiki variables in access control variables such as ALLOWWEBVIEW. You can restrict access based on topic name pattern or TWiki form field value, for example. This feature is considered experimental.

User Masquerading

With user masquerading, you can check if access restriction is working as expected for another user.

To use this feature, the following requirements need to be met.

  • initializeUserHandler() is provided by a plug-in and it sets a special user identity under masquerade.
  • getWikiName() and findUserByWikiName() of the user mapping manager handle masqueraded cUIDs and wiki names.

TWiki Forms Enhancements

Several enhancements have been done to TWikiForms to make it easier to create TWiki applications and for better usability.

  • Adding/changing/removing a TWiki Form has been moved from the edit screen to the "More topic actions" screen. Users are no longer tempted to accidentally add or remove TWiki Forms.

  • The WEBFORMS preferences setting has been removed. TWiki Forms Template topics are now detected automatically.

  • New combobox TWiki Form field type. In some cases it is desirable to have a fixed picklist, and at the same time an edit field to override the picklist options.

  • Use the new EDITFORMFIELD variable to create HTML forms that update TWikiForms, such as a custom "create new topic" form, or a topic header that allows users to change some form values at the top of the page. A valid form is composed of a start form type, various form fields, a submit type, and an end form type.


The %TOPICTITLE% variable will expand to a nice display name of a page. The existing %TOPIC% variable expands to the page name, and is typically restraint to a WikiWord or acronym.

The TOPICTITLE variable expands to the topic display name in this sequence until found:

  • Value of form field named "Title" (already in use by several TWiki applications such as the TWiki:Support forum on
  • Preferences setting TITLE
  • Topic name %TOPIC%

The topic display name feature is implemented, but the TWiki topic handling does not yet support this in the GUI. The UI of a future TWiki release will be enhanced to make use of the topic display name:

  • Create new topic, edit topic: New field for topic display name
  • Rename topic: Show topic display name field

Statistics Enhancements

  • A number of enhancements have been made to the statistics script. To make use of these enhancements, you need to update TWiki installations with existing WebStatistics and SiteStatistics topics. The tools/convert_stats_twiki6 tool does that. No action needs to be taken for new TWiki installations.

  • On SiteStatistics, to show the lists of most viewed webs and most updated webs, you need to specify a number in $TWiki::cfg{Stats}{SiteTopViews} and $TWiki::cfg{Stats}{SiteTopUpdates}. The SiteStatistics used to use the WebStatistics parameters. These changes are described at TWikiSiteTools#MaxNoOfItemsInColumns

  • You may want to see which divisions/department of your company are using TWiki overall or on a web level. This can be done by providing a getAffiliation($cUID) method in the user mapping handler. Details at TWikiSiteTools#AffiliationBreakdown

  • You may want to exclude Trash and other webs from getting their WebStatistics updated. Setting a regular express of excluded webs to $TWiki::cfg{Stats}{ExcludedWebRegex} achieves that. Details at TWikiSiteTools#ExcludedWebRegex

  • WebStatistics and SiteStatistics grow indefinitely, which may not be an issue in most cases. They may grow really big in 5 years or 10 years time. Read TWikiSiteTools#WebStatisticsYYYY if you want to prevent that.

New MovedSkin

Use the MovedSkin when you migrate TWiki to a different site with a different URL. When enabled on the old site users will be redirected to the new page URL on the new site.

Usage of $TWiki::Plugins::VERSION

The $TWiki::Plugins::VERSION number can be used by plugins for conditional code execution. From TWiki-6.0.0 on, the version umber is aligned with the TWiki version number, e.g. for this release, $TWiki::Plugins::VERSION is set to 6.00. The number needs to be numeric so that a number comparison can be done. By convention, Major.MinorPatch is used, e.g. 6.12 for a future TWiki-6.1.2 release.

History of $TWiki::Plugins::VERSION numbers:

TWiki release Code name $TWiki::Plugins::VERSION
TWiki-2001-09-01 Athens 1.000
TWiki-2003-02-01 Beijing 1.010
TWiki-2004-09-02 Cairo 1.025
TWiki-4.0 Dakar 1.1
TWiki-4.1 Edinburgh 1.11
TWiki-4.2 Freetown 1.2
TWiki-4.3 Georgetown 1.2
TWiki-5.0 Helsinki 1.3
TWiki-5.1 Istanbul 1.4
TWiki-6.0.0 Jerusalem 6.00
TWiki-6.0.1 " 6.01
TWiki-6.0.2 " 6.02

Upgrade From Earlier Releases

Follow the TWikiUpgradeGuide to install TWiki and migrate data from your existing TWiki.

You can use the new BackupRestorePlugin to backup an old TWiki and then simply restore the content to a new TWiki. ALERT! Make sure to exclude the TWiki web on restore!

Deprecation Notices

JSCalendarContrib Deprecated

The Mishoo JSCalendar based DHTML pop-up calendar is now repackaged as DatePickerPlugin. The JSCalendarContrib is deprecated and will be removed in the next release. Actions to take:

MailerContrib Deprecated

The MailerContrib is deprecated and will be replaced in a future TWiki release by the newly added WatchlistPlugin.

TWikiNetSkin & TWikiNetSkinPlugin Deprecated

From TWiki 6.0 on, the TWikiNetSkin and TWikiNetSkinPlugin are deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

ClassicSkin Removed

The ClassicSkin has been deprecated in the TWiki-5.0 release and has been removed from this release.

TWiki-6.0.0 Major Release - Details

TWiki-6.0.0 was built from SVN revision r28207 (2013-10-05)


TWikibug:Item1952 TinyMCEPlugin: Background (Auto) save & recover
TWikibug:Item5728 TinyMCEPlugin: Upload attachments in AUTOINC topics
TWikibug:Item6817 Feature: Hide TWiki Form if all form fields are hidden
TWikibug:Item6818 Usability: Auto-discover TWiki forms, no need to set in WEBFORMS
TWikibug:Item6819 Usability: Move change TWiki form from edit screen to "more" screen
TWikibug:Item6822 SEARCH Variable With Default Parameter
TWikibug:Item6826 Template: Show links to versions of attached files in attachment table
TWikibug:Item6827 FORMFIELD Variable With rev Parameter
TWikibug:Item6831 Repository for Site and Web meta-data
TWikibug:Item6872 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Show users as a list of business cards in UserList
TWikibug:Item6875 TOPICTITLE variable feature
TWikibug:Item6879 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Custom user reports for TWiki apps
TWikibug:Item6880 INCLUDE and STARTSECTION with disablefixlinks parameter
TWikibug:Item6882 FORMFIELD variable with hyphenated and shortened form field value
TWikibug:Item6887 Configurable attachment behavior if file name differs
TWikibug:Item6892 TWiki::Func::getExternalResource with custom header
TWikibug:Item6904 User masquerading - test access control settings for another user
TWikibug:Item6906 View raw topic text with variables expanded using raw=expandvariables URL parameter
TWikibug:Item6916 Read-only and mirror web support
TWikibug:Item6917 CGI Engine to be made Fast CGI compatible
TWikibug:Item6918 TopMenuSkin: New WEBLEFTBAR setting to show a sidebar
TWikibug:Item6941 Using multiple disks for DataDir and PubDir
TWikibug:Item6946 Forbidding a subweb name same as a topic name
TWikibug:Item6963 WEBLIST with format tokens in format parameter
TWikibug:Item6971 ScrollBoxAddOn: Add ScrollBoxAddOn to core distribution
TWikibug:Item6972 TWikiDashboardAddOn: Add TWikiDashboardAddOn to core distribution
TWikibug:Item6977 Option to suppress "in all public webs" links on the "More topic actions" page
TWikibug:Item6983 Documentation: Add dashboards to homes of Main, TWiki, Sandbox and _default webs
TWikibug:Item6987 User mapping manager to be able to have a method to allow new web creation
TWikibug:Item6998 Support personal subwebs for users
TWikibug:Item7000 /cgi-bin/view/~jsmith to be redirected to /cgi-bin/view/Main/JaneSmith
TWikibug:Item7001 Comprehensive documentation for LargeSite configuration
TWikibug:Item7003 Icon bullet lists
TWikibug:Item7010 Plugins: Enhance TWiki::Func::getExternalResource, new TWiki::Func::postExternalResource, new plugin registerExternalHTTPHandler
TWikibug:Item7013 New ENTITY Variable
TWikibug:Item7014 TWikiUserMappingContrib: In TWiki.UserReports, include css sections automatically if needed
TWikibug:Item7019 Search: Add sort parameter to SEARCH, as alias to order parameter
TWikibug:Item7020 Documentation: Categorize all TWiki Variables
TWikibug:Item7024 EditTablePlugin: Make EditTable read-only when current site mode is readonly or slave.
TWikibug:Item7025 EditTablePlugin: Return to base page after saving changes.
TWikibug:Item7030 Search: SEARCH with sort by parent
TWikibug:Item7034 TagMePlugin: Multiple tag namespaces support
TWikibug:Item7039 TWiki::Func and TWiki variable enhancements for read-only and mirror webs
TWikibug:Item7040 Add TWiki Variables Wizard
TWikibug:Item7044 TWiki::Func: Add entityEncode, entityDecode, urlEncode, urlDecode functions
TWikibug:Item7045 API: TWiki::Func::redirectCgiQuery and TWiki::redirect support $viaCache parameter.
TWikibug:Item7052 Skins: Conditional Skin Feature
TWikibug:Item7061 Search Results Pagination
TWikibug:Item7074 TWiki::Func functions for multiple disk support
TWikibug:Item7075 Open external links in new window or tab; show external link icon
TWikibug:Item7076 Statistics enhancements for read-only and mirror webs
TWikibug:Item7077 DatePickerPlugin: Initial version of DatePickerPlugin
TWikibug:Item7078 Manifest: Replace JSCalendarContrib with DatePickerPlugin in TWiki core
TWikibug:Item7092 Manifest: Add MovedSkin to TWiki core distribution
TWikibug:Item7095 Manifest: Remove ClassicSkin from core TWiki
TWikibug:Item7096 Render: Automatically link @twitter IDs
TWikibug:Item7097 Rename action=renameweb not suitable for a large site and TWiki.ReadOnlyAndMirrorWebs
TWikibug:Item7100 Web specific WIKIWEBMASTER
TWikibug:Item7102 Restricting HTTP{...} variable to hide certain header fields
TWikibug:Item7103 Importing web level preferences from specified topics
TWikibug:Item7104 Picking form definition dynamically
TWikibug:Item7105 Finer-control variable expansion in topic creation
TWikibug:Item7106 Add encode, newline, nofinalnewline, allowanytype to INCLUDE Variable
TWikibug:Item7107 Add createdate and encode to SEARCH
TWikibug:Item7115 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Configurable signatures with profile pictures
TWikibug:Item7118 WEBLIST canmoveto and cancopyto
TWikibug:Item7119 Add new copy script to clone topics
TWikibug:Item7120 The rename topic operation to have option not to replace web internal references
TWikibug:Item7127 WebTopicViewTemplate and WebTopicNonWikiTemplate to be displayed on read-only and mirror webs
TWikibug:Item7130 Show Topic Title in Square Bracket Links using [[+TopicName]] syntax
TWikibug:Item7139 CommentPlugin: Add nice bubble boxes around CommentPlugin comments
TWikibug:Item7140 Content of SEARCH{...} format tokens ($text, etc.) to be able to be encoded
TWikibug:Item7142 New viewRedirectHandler() for plugins
TWikibug:Item7144 InterwikiPlugin: InterwikiPlugin to observe the Links configuration parameter
TWikibug:Item7151 Documentation: Documentation work for TWiki-6.0.0
TWikibug:Item7152 Documentation: New TWiki Doc Graphics icons for TWiki-6.0.0
TWikibug:Item7153 Documentation: Translation work for TWiki-6.0.0
TWikibug:Item7155 WEBLIST with subwebs="WEB" and depth="N" parameters
TWikibug:Item7160 TopMenuSkin: Support breadcrumbs at the top of the page in TopMenuSkin
TWikibug:Item7168 TWikiForms: Implement missing $name, $attributes, $length tokens in format parameter of FORMFIELD variable
TWikibug:Item7170 Finer control in LWP::UserAgent
TWikibug:Item7171 Add a $top to format parameter of WEB, INCLUDINGWEB, BASEWEB variable
TWikibug:Item7180 Manifest: Add WatchlistPlugin to Core and Deprecate MailerContrib
TWikibug:Item7184 SpreadSheetPlugin: Allow commas in SUBSTRING input string
TWikibug:Item7187 /cgi-bin/view/~jsmith redirect to preserve URL parameters
TWikibug:Item7191 Specify list of internal link domains that is excluded from the "external links" rendering
TWikibug:Item7195 API: TWiki::Store::saveAttachment can optionally ignore permissions
TWikibug:Item7196 SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions BIN2DEC(), DEC2BIN(), DEC2HEX(), DEC2OCT(), HEX2DEC(), OCT2DEC()
TWikibug:Item7201 Dynamic access control with IF, SEARCH and other variables in access control settings
TWikibug:Item7202 PreferencesPlugin: PreferencesPlugin to support variants of preference setting format
TWikibug:Item7203 SpreadSheetPlugin: Spreadsheet CALCULATE parameters with quoted strings
TWikibug:Item7205 TWikiForms: New TWiki form field type: combobox
TWikibug:Item7206 TWikiForms: New EDITFORMFIELD variable
TWikibug:Item7209 getEffectiveUser() and getRealUser() in TWiki::Users
TWikibug:Item7214 Add web="..." parameter to MDREPO{} variable
TWikibug:Item7216 SlideShowPlugin: Add Slide_N anchors for easy linking to specific slides; fix keyboard navigation for Safari
TWikibug:Item7218 SpreadSheetPlugin: Support and document ROW() and COLUMN() used outside of tables
TWikibug:Item7223 Add topic and web parameters to TWiki::Func::isAnAdmin()
TWikibug:Item7227 User subwebs to be able to ignore Main.WebPreferences
TWikibug:Item7236 PreferencesPlugin: PreferencesPlugin not to touch a variable whose type is label
TWikibug:Item7240 TOPIC_ACCESS_CONTACT preference variable to customize the topic access denied page
TWikibug:Item7245 MailerContrib: Allowing custom user/group notations in WebNotify without quotes
TWikibug:Item7260 Log access of non-existing webs
TWikibug:Item7262 Add .pm and .pl files to mime plain/text
TWikibug:Item7269 TinyMCEPlugin: No picture after saving the topic using WYSIWYG editor
TWikibug:Item7283 TablePlugin: Auto-detect number of header rows when sorting; fix headerrows issue
TWikibug:Item7288 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Wikify login name if no user mapper available
TWikibug:Item7289 INCLUDE to be able to include a topic in the raw
TWikibug:Item7290 For paragraphs generate <p>...</p> instead of <p/>
TWikibug:Item7299 SpreadSheetPlugin: Add short and compact format to FORMATTIMEDIFF
TWikibug:Item7300 TinyMCEPlugin: TinyMCEPlugin can be conditionally disabled by using variables in the TINYMCEPLUGIN_DISABLE setting
TWikibug:Item7301 VAR{...} to get the value defined in a topic and the value in the current context
TWikibug:Item7307 Change $hour:$min to $hour:$min:$sec in log/debug/warn
TWikibug:Item7308 core: Preventing WebStatistics from growing big
TWikibug:Item7316 Documentation: Add comment section to new topic template
TWikibug:Item7317 JQueryPlugin: Update jQuery plugin to jquery-1.10.2 and jquery-ui-1.10.3
TWikibug:Item7321 New apostrophe-quote (single quote) escape token in formatted search
TWikibug:Item7322 SpreadSheetPlugin: TRANSLATE supporting double quote and apostrophe-quote (single quote) excape tokens
TWikibug:Item7324 Specifying webs to be excluded from WebStatistics update
TWikibug:Item7329 New "All Users" Groups
TWikibug:Item7330 Empty DENY Setting Means Undefined Setting
TWikibug:Item7333 DatePickerPlugin: Support more input field attributes, such as accesskey, pattern and required
TWikibug:Item7334 Show number of unique users and affiliation breakdown in statistics
TWikibug:Item7335 Show most popular webs in SiteStatistics
TWikibug:Item7336 {Stats}{SiteTopContrib}
TWikibug:Item7340 Show top viewers, most viewed webs, most updated webs in statistics pages
TWikibug:Item7341 WebChanges showing topic age instead of date
TWikibug:Item7342 ADDTOHEAD can include just a topic section with new section="" parameter
TWikibug:Item7343 Documentation: New variables LAQUO, RAQUO, PARENTBC
TWikibug:Item7345 GROUPS variable with new parameters header, format, separator, memberlimit, memberformat, memberseparator
TWikibug:Item7352 Add description setting to group topics
TWikibug:Item7354 Plugins API: Align TWiki::Plugins::VERSION with TWiki release version, e.g. 6.00 for TWiki-6.0.0
TWikibug:Item7356 Add style parameter to TOC variable
TWikibug:Item7359 PatternSkin: Usability: Hide bookmark table when adding a new bookmark
TWikibug:Item7364 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Add firstoption and firstvalue to USERREPORT{ action="select_one_user" }
Total: 136


TWikibug:Item5078 TinyMCEPlugin: TinyMCE: Can't enter text after deleting bullet list
TWikibug:Item5337 TinyMCEPlugin: WYSIWYG edit mode breaks <pre> text
TWikibug:Item5909 TinyMCEPlugin: Wysiwyg crashes on save if you create several empty bullet points (2 empty, 2 with text then 2 empty)
TWikibug:Item6068 WysiwygPlugin: WYSIWYG removes linebreaks from pre-tag
TWikibug:Item6072 WysiwygPlugin: Can't call method "generate" on unblessed reference at lib/TWiki/Plugins/WysiwygPlugin/HTML2TML/ line 630.
TWikibug:Item6188 TinyMCEPlugin: fullscreen broken on google chrome
TWikibug:Item6335 WysiwygPlugin: WysiwygPlugin removes line breaks
TWikibug:Item6573 PreferencesPlugin: PreferencesPlugin cannot save empty settings
TWikibug:Item6737 JQueryPlugin: Broken nested tabs
TWikibug:Item6889 TWiki::Render::renderRevisonInfo() incorrectly handling cUID
TWikibug:Item6893 core/lib/TWiki/'s isInGroup() has unused my @users variable
TWikibug:Item6896 When charset=UTF-8, viewing a page with non-ASCII character with raw=on parameter corrupts some characters
TWikibug:Item6908 TOC variable may yield a fragment of a UTF-8 sequence
TWikibug:Item6909 TWiki::Attach::_expandAttrs() yields incorrect value for 'USER' when you use a custom user mapping handler
TWikibug:Item6912 $session->{webName} is incorrect when bin/viewfile/Web/Topic/File.ext is accessed
TWikibug:Item6927 Topic creation on WebHome of the Sandbox web to follow EDITMETHOD
TWikibug:Item6932 TOC anchor names in non-ISO-8859 charsets
TWikibug:Item6942 %INCLUDE{"http://..."} needs to convert character encoding when necessary
TWikibug:Item6948 Several: S/MIME notification support is incomplete
TWikibug:Item6975 TWiki::Meta::getRevisionInfo() to return cUID as much as possible
TWikibug:Item6999 SEARCH's summary text may contain a fragment of a UTF-8 character
TWikibug:Item7007 TWiki::Func::getWikiName($user) does not take cUID
TWikibug:Item7016 HeadlinesPlugin: Code cleanup using TWiki::Func::addToHEAD and TWiki::Func::getExternalResource
TWikibug:Item7026 LoginManager: TWiki::LoginManager::createCryptToken() to check $cfg{UseClientSessions}
TWikibug:Item7027 SEARCH may yield incorrect authors in a result
TWikibug:Item7079 The viewfile script is not working well in Fast CGI and mod_perl
TWikibug:Item7081 Statistics script needs to use gmtime instead of servertime to determine the default month
TWikibug:Item7125 TinyMCEPlugin: While editing an AUTOINC topic in WYSIWYG, if you attach a file before you save the topic, the file is attached to SomeAUTOINC0 topic
TWikibug:Item7156 Empty IF condition to be regarded valid and false
TWikibug:Item7159 "Proportional" is misspelled in locale files and pattern.tmpl
TWikibug:Item7161 InterwikiPlugin: InterwikiPlugin may work incorrectly under Fast CGI or mod_perl
TWikibug:Item7164 INCLUDE not to modify wiki words in the script tag
TWikibug:Item7165 Literal tags are removed under some cercumstances
TWikibug:Item7166 TOC variable has potential infinite recursion
TWikibug:Item7169 TWikiForms: The dollar attributes in form fields should not resolve to value - test: $attributes, $size, $length
TWikibug:Item7172 TWiki::Func: Ignore Permissions not working in TWiki::Func::saveTopicText
TWikibug:Item7173 Template: Rename web text to mention move and delete in addition to rename
TWikibug:Item7179 TWiki.TWikiRegistration: Add missing countries Burkina Faso, Eritrea, South Sudan to TWiki.TWikiRegistration
TWikibug:Item7188 NOAUTOLINK on topics included from another web
TWikibug:Item7190 RSS feed: RSS feed broken, description tag contains byte 0
TWikibug:Item7193 Disabling XSS Protection (otherwise, JavaScript doesn't work, just after saving a page)
TWikibug:Item7197 Detecting UTF-8 flag before the response output is written out
TWikibug:Item7200 Partial entity encoded text at end of truncated summary
TWikibug:Item7207 PatternSkin: Layout improvements for radio buttons and checkboxes in TWiki Forms
TWikibug:Item7208 PreferencesPlugin: PreferencesPlugin puts radio buttons and check boxes on the following line
TWikibug:Item7217 %VARIABLE{default="..."}% in a verbatim block is converted into %VARIABLE% when INCLUDEd
TWikibug:Item7219 PreferencesPlugin: Preserve order of values of type checkbox and select+multi as defined; support select+multi+values
TWikibug:Item7220 TWiki::Func: Allow login name, cUID and WikiName for user in TWiki::Func::writeLog
TWikibug:Item7221 SpreadSheetPlugin: Multiple CALCs outside a table referencing the preceding table return incorrect last cell value
TWikibug:Item7222 Trailing space in DENYTOPIC* causes the access allowed to anybody
TWikibug:Item7224 TagMePlugin: TagMePlugin may call a non existing method in TWiki::Access
TWikibug:Item7225 TWiki.WebCreateNewTopicTemplate to observe EDITMETHOD
TWikibug:Item7226 NEWLINKFORMAT defined on TWiki.TWikiPreferences to be site federation concious
TWikibug:Item7229 OopsException generated redirect URL has parameters duplicated
TWikibug:Item7231 PreferencesPlugin: PreferencesPlugin is confused by Set and Local of a same variable
TWikibug:Item7232 Size attribute of a TWiki Forms field needs to allow space anywhere
TWikibug:Item7234 TagMePlugin: TagMePlugin problems when {TagMePlugin}{SplitSpace} is true
TWikibug:Item7241 TWiki.TWikiAccessControl unable to be viewed by non-admin users
TWikibug:Item7242 When deleting a topic, "update links" check boxes are checked by default
TWikibug:Item7243 Gratuitous %NONWIKIWORD% in twiki.tmpl
TWikibug:Item7246 TWiki.WebTopicCreator takes very long on a large site
TWikibug:Item7248 MailerContrib: TWiki::Contrib::MailerContrib::_processWeb() to set $twiki->{webName}
TWikibug:Item7256 Lang value needs to have a hyphen instead of an underscore
TWikibug:Item7257 Add image/bmp to data/mime.type
TWikibug:Item7259 REVINFO{"$wikiusername"} value to always start with {UsersWebName} and dot.
TWikibug:Item7263 viewfile needs to quote a file name containg commas in the content-disposition header field
TWikibug:Item7264 The edit script to edit ABC.DEF topic if it exists even if the subweb ABC/DEF exists
TWikibug:Item7272 PreferencesPlugin: PreferencesPlugin may malfunction if WebPreferencesHelp contains an HTML form
TWikibug:Item7273 A manage link on an attachment list does not work on a mirror web
TWikibug:Item7274 Adding .msg to data/mime.types
TWikibug:Item7275 Allowing "0" as a false condition in IF
TWikibug:Item7278 %IF% interprets "0" as "undef" instead of a number and can't recognize single character variable name
TWikibug:Item7282 mime.types to have .xml, .xsl, and .xslt
TWikibug:Item7284 TablePlugin: TablePlugin taking HTML tags into account in sorting
TWikibug:Item7285 The copy script to copy to the same web as the source topic by default
TWikibug:Item7286 Support TOC in skin
TWikibug:Item7287 When Foo/FizzBuzz subweb and Foo.FizzBuzz topic both exist, Foo.FizzBuzz topic can be edited but cannot be saved
TWikibug:Item7293 Installer: Can't install extension due to redefined global $/ variable
TWikibug:Item7296 FORMFIELD{...} ignoring the rev parameter
TWikibug:Item7297 META{"attachments" topic="TOPIC"} yields incorrect links to attachments
TWikibug:Item7298 FORMFIELD unable to get the top revision data regardless of the rev URL parameter
TWikibug:Item7302 Improve no_such_web message in messages.tmpl
TWikibug:Item7303 TWiki.TWikiAccessControl to have a hook for site specific information
TWikibug:Item7306 backlinksweb page not to show the link to backlinksallwebs page if {NoInAllPublicWebs} is true
TWikibug:Item7309 core: New SITESTATISTICSTOPIC variable returning the SiteStatistics topic name
TWikibug:Item7310 TinyMCEPlugin: Disappearing Top Line on WYSIWYG Editing
TWikibug:Item7318 SiteStatistics not taking all webs in a federated sites into account
TWikibug:Item7319 SiteStatistics topic's data size, pub size, and disk use columns not taking multiple disks into account
TWikibug:Item7320 Return 404 Not Found Status for Topic Not Found, No Such Web, Access Denied
TWikibug:Item7323 Most popular topic views and top contributors not well aligned on statistics topics
TWikibug:Item7327 tools/ improvements
TWikibug:Item7328 ScrollBoxAddOn: ScrollBoxAddOn not working on IE9
TWikibug:Item7337 PreferencesPlugin: Uninitialized value warning when Local setting is used
TWikibug:Item7338 WysiwygPlugin: Import WYSIWYG plugin fixes 2008-2013
TWikibug:Item7339 TinyMCEPlugin: Upgrade to TinyMCE version 3.5.8; import TinyMCE plugin fixes 2008-2013
TWikibug:Item7350 Add sort="on" parameter to GROUPS variable
TWikibug:Item7358 Email addresses at the end of sentences include period in link
TWikibug:Item7360 Query search not working on non-default disks
TWikibug:Item7362 Deprecate TWikiNetSkin and TWikiNetSkinPlugin
Total: 99

TWiki-6.0.1 Patch Release - Details

TWiki-6.0.1 was built from SVN revision r28194 (2014-10-05)


TWikibug:Item7369 Documentation: New TWiki Doc Graphics icons for TWiki-6.0.1
TWikibug:Item7370 Documentation: Translation work for TWiki-6.0.1
TWikibug:Item7376 TipsContrib: Suppress header in tips of the day with noheader="on" parameter
TWikibug:Item7388 TOPICTITLE variable with default parameter
TWikibug:Item7391 Search: Search with sort by multiple fields
TWikibug:Item7402 In EDITFORMFIELD type="start", support onsubmit and on reset parameters
TWikibug:Item7406 TWikiDashboardAddOn: New text and textstyle parameters for banner section
TWikibug:Item7409 WatchlistPlugin: Don't notify oneself; use CGI referer for OK link
TWikibug:Item7410 WatchlistPlugin: Don't notify oneself when watching topics; set minor change when updating watchlist topic
TWikibug:Item7411 WatchlistPlugin: Watch all topics in web and watch new topics in web; fix for mod_perl
TWikibug:Item7419 SpreadSheetPlugin: New functions ADDLIST(), GETLIST(), SETLIST()
TWikibug:Item7425 Search: Sort by parent breadcrumb
TWikibug:Item7443 Search: Possible to return quoted strings in query() of formatted search
TWikibug:Item7445 SpreadSheetPlugin: FORMAT(CURRENY, ...) with support for currency symbol
TWikibug:Item7466 New csv encode type for ENCODE variable
TWikibug:Item7472 Documentation: New COPY, REG, TM variables for copyright, registered trademark and trademark symbols, respectively
TWikibug:Item7477 Add $br to newline and separator parameter of SEARCH
TWikibug:Item7492 PatternSkin: New hideInPrint CSS class to hide specific content from printing
TWikibug:Item7494 PatternSkin: Drag and drop file attachments - PatternSkin to integrate DropzoneJSSkin
TWikibug:Item7502 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Add drag and drop to change profile picture screen
TWikibug:Item7512 SCRIPTURLPATH to return a path even with master="on" if appropriate
TWikibug:Item7515 TOC to have TOC_MIN_DEPTH and TOC_MAX_DEPTH documented; to have mindepth parameter for symmetry
TWikibug:Item7520 TopMenuSkin: Context sensitive tooltip help for Jump box and Search box
TWikibug:Item7534 PatternSkin: Show history and other topic actions in read-only skin mode
TWikibug:Item7543 Disallow SESSION_VARIABLE variable to set/get/clear session variables starting with underscore
TWikibug:Item7544 JQueryPlugin: JQTAB enhancements: Show blue link instead of red on hover over tab; make tab css overridable; remove dotted underline below tab; active tabs with gray gradient
TWikibug:Item7546 TopMenuSkin: TopMenuSkin can customize top bar buttons.
TWikibug:Item7552 SpreadSheetPlugin: Allow newlines in triple-quoted strings
TWikibug:Item7553 SpreadSheetPlugin: Allow newlines and indent around functions and function parameters
TWikibug:Item7563 More intuitive syntax for select+values field type of TWiki Forms
Total: 30


TWikibug:Item6816 TagMePlugin: User rights for allowing tag delete / rename do not work right
TWikibug:Item6965 configure: Insecure dependency (again) in tools/ when installing extension in configure
TWikibug:Item7146 Deep recursion bug in query search using formfield in form
TWikibug:Item7238 TWiki::Func::getRevisionInfo() may contaminate cUID-login mapping cache
TWikibug:Item7368 Documentation work for TWiki-6.0.1
TWikibug:Item7373 EditTablePlugin: EDITTABLE can't handle HTML comments
TWikibug:Item7375 TagMePlugin: TagMePlugin fails to untag, insufficient and inaccurate documentation
TWikibug:Item7377 EditTablePlugin: Plugin may eat table rows
TWikibug:Item7378 Add warning to twiki/index.html to not put TWiki in HTML document directory
TWikibug:Item7379 EditTablePlugin: Clicking an edit table button and then saving it may add a blank row
TWikibug:Item7384 build: convert_stats_twiki6 script is missing in TWiki package
TWikibug:Item7385 HeadlinesPlugin: Encode "[" and "]" to avoid problems with TWiki ... links; code-refactor
TWikibug:Item7389 TWiki::Func::getRevisionInfo() may return a different time stamp from %REVINFO%
TWikibug:Item7390 tools/ to skip read-only and mirror webs
TWikibug:Item7392 EditTablePlugin: Plugin executes "ASSERT(0) if DEBUG;" statement when clicking on "canel" button.
TWikibug:Item7394 EditTablePlugin: Plugin is not showing space characters correctly in date fields.
TWikibug:Item7398 PatternSkin: Comments in attachment table are center aligned instead of left aligned
TWikibug:Item7403 Minor fix in /twiki/index.html page
TWikibug:Item7415 Typo regarding TWiki:Codev/DemoteUserPreferences
TWikibug:Item7416 TablePlugin: TablePlugin causes an error with an illegal date such as 2013-00-00
TWikibug:Item7418 SpreadSheetPlugin: VALUE function bug with incorrect exponential number; ability to delete SET variable
TWikibug:Item7424 Store: Use of uninitialized value error in TWiki::Store::RcsFile
TWikibug:Item7427 PatternSkin: Too small or too big font with twikiSubmit class on button tag and the a tag
TWikibug:Item7436 WysiwygPlugin: WYSIWYG editor prepends  to spaces inside verbatim and sticky tags
TWikibug:Item7437 User's subweb may not be listed in %WEBLIST%
TWikibug:Item7442 Make ICON case insensitive for full filenames
TWikibug:Item7456 InterwikiPlugin: Confusing SHORTDESCRIPTION. Possible typo.
TWikibug:Item7462 Documentation: Typo: colored coded
TWikibug:Item7464 Documentation: In UserReports doc, Section should be Action
TWikibug:Item7467 PreferencesPlugin: editbutton parameter not working as expected
TWikibug:Item7474 MIME type for .wmf to be added
TWikibug:Item7476 SEARCH with newline parameter adds extra newlines, breaking formatting in some cases
TWikibug:Item7478 Documentation: template parameter not documented for edit script in TWiki.TWikiScripts
TWikibug:Item7482 Configuration: Can't install TWiki extensions via configure, due to deprecated syntax in TWiki::Extender::remap
TWikibug:Item7483 AllowI18nFileName configuration parameter and null file name prevention
TWikibug:Item7484 ENCODE to have newline parameter
TWikibug:Item7486 When uploaded file names are changed, the name changes are not shown
TWikibug:Item7487 Warning: defined(@array) is deprecated at setlib.cfg
TWikibug:Item7489 Configure: WatchlistPlugin is not enabled by default
TWikibug:Item7491 Profiling and performance tuning
TWikibug:Item7495 WatchlistPlugin: Execute bit missing in tools/watchlistnotify
TWikibug:Item7500 Scripts expected to be POSTed to return "405 Method Not Allowed" when GETted
TWikibug:Item7504 PreferencesPlugin: Use of uninitialized value in lc error
TWikibug:Item7507 Some topics should be modified to avoid a Chrome/Safari font baseline bug
TWikibug:Item7508 Uninitialized value in hash element at TWiki::Request
TWikibug:Item7511 statistics script bug with read-only webs, to put time when finish reading log files
TWikibug:Item7513 Set and clear all buttons not working in TWiki form checkboxes
TWikibug:Item7514 PatternSkin: PatternSkin table header color specification in CSS considered harmful
TWikibug:Item7517 configure: configure breaks {RCS}{filePermission} under Perl v5.18.2
TWikibug:Item7518 META{"attachment" topic="..."} shows manage links wrong
TWikibug:Item7519 Upload script may create a phantom attachment
TWikibug:Item7529 DENYWEB is ignored when DENYTOPIC is defined empty
TWikibug:Item7531 Edit link's icon not to be hardwired
TWikibug:Item7532 Print version link does not work if URL parameters are there
TWikibug:Item7533 "put it back" link yielded from META{moved} not functional
TWikibug:Item7536 Copy script causes a warning at lib/TWiki/UI/ line 203
TWikibug:Item7541 "UTF-8 not yet supported as site charset" warning to be eliminated
TWikibug:Item7542 /cgi-bin/viewfile/WEB/TOPIC/FILE.EXT fails if FILE contains ( or )
TWikibug:Item7545 A web removed while statistics is running is recreated with just WebStatistics topic
TWikibug:Item7555 statistics script needs to put debug messages only in the debug mode
TWikibug:Item7557 Max recursive depth reached message is not so useful without web and topic mentioned
TWikibug:Item7558 Security alert CVE-2014-7236: Remote code execution with plugin handler
TWikibug:Item7559 MailerContrib: mailnotify showing subscribers of a web wrong
TWikibug:Item7560 Security alert CVE-2014-7237: File upload issue on Windows server
TWikibug:Item7561 Combobox pulldown covered by rating stars
TWikibug:Item7562 TWiki::Render::summariseChanges() needs safeguard
Total: 66

TWiki-6.0.2 Patch Release - Details

TWiki-6.0.2 was built from SVN revision r29687 (2015-11-29)


TWikibug:Item7565 Documentation: Documentation work for TWiki-6.0.2
TWikibug:Item7566 Documentation: New TWiki Doc Graphics icons for TWiki-6.0.1
TWikibug:Item7567 Documentation: Translation work for TWiki-6.0.2
TWikibug:Item7581 Forbid certain users to run certain TWiki scripts by configuration
TWikibug:Item7583 SpreadSheetPlugin: New RANDSTRING function
TWikibug:Item7588 JQueryPlugin: Option to load tab content asynchronously; select specific tab in jQuery tab pane; allow tab panes in bullet lists & TWiki table cells; allow HTML in tab title
TWikibug:Item7594 TablePlugin: Possible to add TML (TWiki markup) with newlines in TWiki table cells
TWikibug:Item7600 TWikiForms: Set form field format on file upload
TWikibug:Item7601 ColorPickerPlugin: New type parameter to set type of color widget for popup pick, picker below input field, and view color
TWikibug:Item7607 SpreadSheetPlugin: PROPERSPACE() to space also uppercase to number transition
TWikibug:Item7608 SPACEOUT variable to space also uppercase to number transition
TWikibug:Item7611 SetGetPlugin: SET and GET with support for JSON objects and JSON path
TWikibug:Item7616 Search: Control over formfield rendering in a formatted SEARCH; fix performance issue with formatted SEARCH in TWiki-6.0
TWikibug:Item7620 CgiContrib: Add CGI to TWiki core distribution
TWikibug:Item7635 SetGetPlugin: Ability to specify store name to persistently store variables
TWikibug:Item7639 SetGetPlugin: Use file locking on persistent store to prevent corrupting the store
TWikibug:Item7645 New CHILDREN variable
TWikibug:Item7646 New separator parameter for METASEARCH variable
TWikibug:Item7649 Responsive multi-column page layout using CSS using TWOCOLUMNS, THREECOLUMNS, FOURCOLUMNS, ENDCOLUMNS
TWikibug:Item7654 Search attachments in a web
TWikibug:Item7656 SpreadSheetPlugin: New NOTE(), EQUAL() functions
TWikibug:Item7668 ENCODE variable with new type="json" parameter to escape a string for JSON use
TWikibug:Item7675 SetGetPlugin: GET with support for JSON path using [*] wildcard array index
Total: 23


TWikibug:Item7433 LoginManager: Stale cryptotokens when page containing form is refreshed
TWikibug:Item7569 Detect and prevent obvious recursion in preferences variables
TWikibug:Item7570 INCLUDE{http://THIS_SERVER/cgi-bin/view/THIS_WEB/THIS_TOPIC} brings TWiki down
TWikibug:Item7571 WatchlistPlugin: Immediate notification no longer works
TWikibug:Item7572 rdiff script itself needs to check view access
TWikibug:Item7573 search script to check web and topic existence and view access in the same manner as other scripts
TWikibug:Item7574 rename script not to search all public webs by default if {NoInAllPublicWebs} is true
TWikibug:Item7575 SEARCH needs to ignore web=all if {NoInAllPublicWebs} is true
TWikibug:Item7577 TWiki form field types with configure attributes
TWikibug:Item7578 Configure: Use of uninitialized value $_[0] in Configure::UI line 138
TWikibug:Item7579 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Profile picture not shown in user signature and bubble signature; make user profile pages coexist with AutoSectionsPlugin
TWikibug:Item7584 Template login not working with IIS 7.5 on Windows and Safari on iOS
TWikibug:Item7590 View master link is not pointing to the master
TWikibug:Item7591 /cgi-bin/viewfile/Web/Topic/filename.ext may fail if filename contains special characters
TWikibug:Item7592 INCLUDE to take shortcut with attachment URLs regardless of file name extension
TWikibug:Item7595 Security Alert CVE-2014-9325: XSS Vulnerability with QUERYSTRING and QUERYPARAMSTRING Variables
TWikibug:Item7596 Security Alert CVE-2014-9367: XSS Vulnerability with Scope and Other URL Parameters of WebSearch
TWikibug:Item7598 TWikiForms: Do not store attributes in form field metadata
TWikibug:Item7602 TWiki::Net::sendEmail() with improved error handling
TWikibug:Item7603 MailerContrib: MailerContrib to be configurable with mail send tries and other improvements
TWikibug:Item7604 Switch to GPL v3 & set copyright to 2015
TWikibug:Item7612 INCLUDE's allowanytype parameter no longer works
TWikibug:Item7613 Self-service mdrepo management
TWikibug:Item7615 Add log entry when creating new web
TWikibug:Item7617 SpreadSheetPlugin: Add range check in SUBSTRING
TWikibug:Item7619 Search: SEARCH with sort by parent(99) not working properly
TWikibug:Item7621 WatchlistPlugin: renaming a web causes a warning in WatchlistPlugin
TWikibug:Item7629 Metadata repository record ID and field name validity check regex's to be configurable
TWikibug:Item7636 SetGetPlugin: Init variables at plugin init time (was not the case in mod_perl environment)
TWikibug:Item7642 Plugins API: The registrationHandler callback does not pass web name
TWikibug:Item7644 TagMePlugin: TagMePlugin can't be configured
TWikibug:Item7648 TwistyContrib: Less intrusive Twisty link - no dotted underlines
TWikibug:Item7650 Broken links in statistics script
TWikibug:Item7651 statistics script to be more large site friendly
TWikibug:Item7652 PatternSkin: Dark on dark links in table headers
TWikibug:Item7653 TOPICTITLE is empty if Title form field is empty
TWikibug:Item7658 Include and other error messages have too much whitespace
TWikibug:Item7659 tools/ does not remove spurious leases
TWikibug:Item7660 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Vertical text align issue in slim_box user report
TWikibug:Item7662 @ in the path part of a URL must not be recognized as user/password specification
TWikibug:Item7664 INCLUDE with new charset parameter; support for default content-type
TWikibug:Item7666 Search results pagination links to be able to include an anchor
TWikibug:Item7673 Engine::CLI to set request method
TWikibug:Item7674 viewfile script to take debug URL parameter
TWikibug:Item7676 TWiki::Time::formatTime() to observe outputTimeZone argument
TWikibug:Item7686 JQueryPlugin: JQueryPlugin to be able to insert JavaScript and CSS loading lines at a specified place
TWikibug:Item7687 Cosmetic fix of TWiki.TWikiEditingShorthand for {OpenClosePTags} being true
TWikibug:Item7688 Parts of SEARCH results difficult to select
TWikibug:Item7689 Introducing topicTitleHandler() in plugins
TWikibug:Item7690 Stop specifying style of TOC in the system web
TWikibug:Item7691 adding .oft to data/mime.types
TWikibug:Item7693 WIKIWEBMASTER and WIKIWEBMASTERNAME variables to be documented
TWikibug:Item7697 HeadlinesPlugin: New parameters: filter, newline; fix Atom feed parser to support Google Alerts
Total: 53

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