Release Notes of TWiki-5.0.2-rc1 (Helsinki), 2011-04-21


TWiki-5.0.0 released on 2010-05-29 is a major release introducing usability enhancements, feature enhancements, and adds extensions to strengthen TWiki as an enterprise collaboration platform.

TWiki-5.0.1 released on 2010-10-10 is a patch release that adds some minor new features and fixes a number of bugs.

TWiki-5.0.2-rc1 released on 2011-04-21 is a patch release that adds some minor new features and fixes a number of bugs.

It is highly recommended to upgrade to TWiki-5.0.2. Users will find this release much more stable and secure in daily use.

New Features Highlights

  • Security Enhancements
    • Configure script requires authentication to reduce exposure of internal system settings.
    • The twiki root directory is no longer HTML doc enabled, reducing the odds of exposing data due to webserver misconfiguration.
  • Usability Enhancements
    • New TopMenuSkin with pulldown menus for better usability and corporate/modern look&feel.
    • Attach multiple files at once, useful when attaching many files.
    • Pre-installed TagMePlugin, useful to tag topics to quickly access content in a large TWiki.
    • Upgraded TinyMCEPlugin to latest TinyMCE for better WYSIWYG editing experience.
    • Better indication of breadcrumb in top menu of TopMenuSkin - added in TWiki-5.0.1
    • Better display of topic diffs in debug mode - added in TWiki-5.0.1
    • The SlideShowPlugin now supports keystrokes to navigate the slides - added in TWiki-5.0.2
  • TWiki Application Platform Enhancements
    • Pre-installed JQueryPlugin, adding a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.
    • Improvements to ENCODE, IF, URLPARAM, WEB and WEBLIST variables.
    • The JQueryPlugin has now jquery-1.5.1 and jquery-ui-1.8.10 - updated in TWiki-5.0.2
  • Search Enhancements
    • Query syntax with array size, useful to query TWiki forms and attachments.
    • Query syntax can be used in format parameter of search, giving more control over formatting.
  • Miscellaneous Feature Enhancements
    • Adding 51 new TWikiDocGraphics icons, and 11 updated icons.
    • Adding 3 new TWikiDocGraphics icons, and 1 updated icon - added in TWiki-5.0.1
    • Adding 8 new TWikiDocGraphics icons, and 2 updated icons - added in TWiki-5.0.2
    • The TWiki doc graphics library is now aware of image size and is cached for speed.
    • Support authenticated proxy - added in TWiki-5.0.1
    • TopMenuSkin: Customizable web-specific top bar - added in TWiki-5.0.2
    • In TWikiForms' type table, automatically list form field types that are defined in plugins and contribs
  • Plugin Enhancements
    • API: New TWiki::Func::buildWikiWord function
    • HeadlinesPlugin: New touch parameter in HEADLINES variable to alert users via e-mail notification of news updates
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: Improvements to $TIME() and $NOP() functions.
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: Add ISO 8601 week number to FORMATTIME - added in TWiki-5.0.1
    • SpreadSheetPlugin: New $LISTNONEMPTY(), $SPLIT() and $WHILE() functions - added in TWiki-5.0.2

See the full list of new features and bug fixes further below.

Pre-installed Extensions

TWiki-5.0.2 ships with:

Note: JQueryPlugin, TagMePlugin and TopMenuSkin are new in TWiki-5.0.0.

Supported User Interface Languages

The user interface of this TWiki version is localized to 19 languages:

English (default), Bulgarian (bg), Chinese simplified (zh-cn), Chinese traditional (zh-tw), Czechoslovakian (cs), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), German (de), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Slovakian (sv), Spanish (es), Ukrainian (uk).

Note: TWiki needs to be configured properly to display user interface languages other than the default English language. Details in TWiki:TWiki.InstallationWithI18N and TWiki:TWiki.InternationalizationSupplement.

Deprecation Notices

  • From TWiki 5.0 on, the ClassicSkin is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • From TWiki 4.2 on, the %MAINWEB% and %TWIKIWEB% variables have been deprecated. For compatibility reasons they are unlikely to ever be removed completely, but you should use the %USERSWEB% and %SYSTEMWEB% variables instead.

  • From TWiki 4.2 on, functions TWiki::Func::getOopsUrl and TWiki::Func::permissionsSet have been declared deprecated. There is no plan to remove them yet.

  • From TWiki 4.0 on, the syntax "* Set DENYTOPICVIEW = " (nothing) in a topic means deny noone. Even if ALLOWTOPICVIEW is set to people or group setting DENYTOPICCHANGE to nothing means allow anyone. You have to remove the DENYTOPICVIEW or comment it out to have the ALLOWTOPICVIEW working. The reason for this behavior is that it enables limiting access to an entire web by setting a blank DENYTOPICVIEW setting. Same rule applies for DENYTOPICCHANGE and DENYTOPICRENAME. The rule does not apply for access rights defined for webs. Ie. "*Set DENYWEBCHANGE = " does not allow anyone to edit topics in the web. There has been strong oppinions against the syntax "* Set DENYTOPICXXXX = " meaning giving all access. So please be warned that we will change the syntax to a more transparent and logical syntax in future but we will ensure that it is still possible to secure a web and open up individual topics in future also.

Notes for TWiki Administrators and Wiki Champions

Upgrade From Earlier Releases

Follow the TWikiUpgradeGuide to install TWiki and migrate data from your existing TWiki.

The new TopMenuSkin adds pulldown menus for better usability and corporate/modern look&feel. This skin is based on the PatternSkin, which used the WebLeftBar in each web for navigation. The TopMenuSkin has a new WebTopBar that defines the menu structure in each web. A default menu is shown in case WebTopBar is missing, so you do not need to add a WebTopBar topic to all your existing webs. See TopMenuSkin#WebSpecific instructions in case you need a customized menu structure in a web.

TWiki-5.0.0 Major Release - Details

TWiki-5.0.0 was built from SVN revision 18860 (2010-05-29)


TWikibug:Item2756 Log viewfile activity
TWikibug:Item2927 Topic moved message too visible
TWikibug:Item4875 Add javascript function 'makeSafeForTableEntry'
TWikibug:Item5916 Add isempty operator to IF Variable
TWikibug:Item5936 Rename twiki script to twiki_cgi
TWikibug:Item6014 Integration of SortedHeadPlugin into core TWiki
TWikibug:Item6246 Security: twiki root directory should not be exposed as html doc root
TWikibug:Item6315 HeadlinesPlugin: New touch parameter for HEADLINES variable
TWikibug:Item6334 TinyMCEPlugin: Upgrade plugin to latest TinyMCE
TWikibug:Item6364 SpreadSheetPlugin: SpreadSheetPlugin Nop Function Enhancement
TWikibug:Item6365 Forms: Forms Should Evaluate the Size Field
TWikibug:Item6380 TWikiDocGraphics: TWiki Doc Graphics: Adding search path, icon size defined in topics, adding cache
TWikibug:Item6381 TWikiDocGraphics: 51 new TWiki Doc Graphics images for TWiki 5.0.0
TWikibug:Item6385 Func/Plugins/Renderer: New TWiki::Func::buildWikiWord Function
TWikibug:Item6393 TWikiUserMappingContrib: Ability to pre-populate TWiki registration form fields with URL parameters
TWikibug:Item6396 Query syntax with array size for TWiki forms and attachments
TWikibug:Item6397 Query syntax in search format: $query(...)
TWikibug:Item6403 ENCODE and URLPARAM Variables with new "moderate" encoding
TWikibug:Item6404 URLPARAM with $br and $n variables in newline parameter
TWikibug:Item6410 configure: Access control of configure script: Configuration only after authentication
TWikibug:Item6413 TopMenuSkin: Initial version of TopMenuSkin with pulldown menus for better usability and corporate/modern look&feel
TWikibug:Item6424 Format Parameter for WEB variable
TWikibug:Item6425 Support Updated Universal Wiki Edit Button
TWikibug:Item6428 MANIFEST: Add TopMenuSkin and JQueryPlugin to distribution
TWikibug:Item6429 WEBLIST variable with limit parameter
TWikibug:Item6436 JQueryPlugin: Rename too generic JQueryPlugin variables
TWikibug:Item6441 Multiple File Upload Feature to TWiki
TWikibug:Item6450 Docs: Simplify site map: Keep SITEMAPWHAT setting and remove SITEMAPUSETO setting
TWikibug:Item6451 Docs: Add recent changes box to every WebHome
TWikibug:Item6453 PatternSkin: Don't use red color in topic action, implies red-links
TWikibug:Item6462 Define background color variables in TWikiPreferences
TWikibug:Item6472 SpreadSheetPlugin: Support DOY (Day of Year) in time parsing of TIME function
TWikibug:Item6473 MANIFEST: Add TagMePlugin to 5.0 distribution
Total: 33


TWikibug:Item3030 TWiki::Func::saveAttachment saves a lot of garbage in META
TWikibug:Item3379 BuildScripts: TWiki tarball violates unwritten packaging standard
TWikibug:Item5241 Docs: Document log action of renameweb, viewfile, changepasswd, renamepasswd in TWikiSiteTools topic
TWikibug:Item5295 Use inline CSS instead of font tag to avoid malformed HTML for common user input
TWikibug:Item5803 Make the trunk/core a first class 'contrib' that can be built separately from its normal release INCLUDEs
TWikibug:Item5965 Docs: Document 't' parameter of edit
TWikibug:Item6012 POST data lost without previous login (query cache mechanism not 100%)
TWikibug:Item6088 WysiwygPlugin: The Perl modules do not have fully qualified names and wrong convention/or error in the name of the file/module name.
TWikibug:Item6259 Docs: Prevent GUI-based rename of TWiki web and Main web
TWikibug:Item6267 FORMFIELD expands $title to field name if $title exists in field value
TWikibug:Item6276 CommentPlugin: Cannot specify percentBRpercent for newline value
TWikibug:Item6300 Trash topic: New topic name "Web/SubwebTopicName" is not a WikiWord
TWikibug:Item6313 HeadlinesPlugin: Non-forgiving element matching "link"
TWikibug:Item6324 EditTablePlugin: Editing table 1 removes EDITCELL tag from the other table
TWikibug:Item6331 WYSIWYG mode destroys CSS code
TWikibug:Item6354 TwistyPlugin: Unexpected behaviour using TWISTY on a VARCACHEd page
TWikibug:Item6366 TinyMCEPlugin: %RED% - colors syntax lost while WYSYWYG editor used to save the topics
TWikibug:Item6372 TWikiUserMappingContrib: More robust WikiWord build in TWikiRegistration
TWikibug:Item6378 Plugin API: Issues with beforeSaveAttachment plugin dispatch
TWikibug:Item6379 Configure: Correct a configure bug where a defined empty string '' is converted into 'NOT SET'
TWikibug:Item6386 PatternSkin: breadcrumb shows improper topic if used in top bar
TWikibug:Item6398 Registration fails if Main web locked down due to UserForm not accessible
TWikibug:Item6399 Diff page shows author as "Main.FirstLast", should be "FirstLast" with link
TWikibug:Item6401 TWikiUserMappingContrib: ASSERT prevents TWiki::Users::TWikiUserMapping from being subclassed
TWikibug:Item6405 TablePlugin: Table sorting incorrect for numbers with decimal places
TWikibug:Item6406 TablePlugin: Table sorting incorrect for negative numbers
TWikibug:Item6414 TablePlugin: Column with ISO dates does not sort properly
TWikibug:Item6416 PatternSkin: Only Two Pages Print in FF 3.6
TWikibug:Item6417 TWikiUserMapping: LDAP users can't login if UserMappingManager 'TWiki::Users::TWikiUserMapping' is used
TWikibug:Item6426 Add Universal Wiki Edit Button logo to Edit Button
TWikibug:Item6430 Topic action buttons point to included topic instead of current topic
TWikibug:Item6438 %META with new topic parameter; fix for %META using current web.topic scope, but base topic's meta data
TWikibug:Item6443 Docs: Document ! in Regular Expressions docs
TWikibug:Item6448 Installed Plugins list should link to disabled plugins.
TWikibug:Item6454 configure: Configure script fails if twiki/lib in non-standard location
TWikibug:Item6466 configure: Garbled configure screen after showing error message
TWikibug:Item6469 In access denied message, TWikiAdminGroup links to current web instead of Main web
TWikibug:Item6474 MailerContrib: mailnotify fails due to non-existing _alert method
Total: 38

TWiki-5.0.1 Patch Release - Details

TWiki-5.0.1 was built from SVN revision 19570 (2010-10-10)


TWikibug:Item6475 TopMenuSkin v1.5 work: Better indication of breadcrumb in top menu
TWikibug:Item6479 Documentation enhancements for TWiki 5.0.1
TWikibug:Item6482 TopMenuSkin v1.6: XHTML validation fixes; moving CSS to HTML head using ADDTOHEAD variable
TWikibug:Item6483 Add angle brackets (< and >) to format tokens
TWikibug:Item6488 Better display of topic diffs in debug mode (rdiff)
TWikibug:Item6497 New TWiki Doc Graphics images topmenu, twiki-gray, uweb-o14
TWikibug:Item6499 PatternSkin: Less screeming submit and cancel buttons, aligning with color palette of TopMenuSkin
TWikibug:Item6500 Web-interface to refresh ICON cache
TWikibug:Item6504 SpreadSheetPlugin: Add empty ($nop) separator to LISTJOIN
TWikibug:Item6521 InterwikiPlugin: Add ~ and % to allowed characters in page part of Site:page link
TWikibug:Item6525 SpreadSheetPlugin: Add $n token to TRANSLATE for newline
TWikibug:Item6526 SpreadSheetPlugin: Add ISO 8601 week number to FORMATTIME
TWikibug:Item6576 Support Authenticated Proxy
TWikibug:Item6580 SmiliesPlugin: Added "red", "yellow", "green", "blue" smilies
TWikibug:Item6588 TopMenuSkin: Use gray TWiki icon in top menu bar instead of orange icon
Total: 14


TWikibug:Item5163 SpreadSheetPlugin causes table to misrender an empty row
TWikibug:Item5335 Not all pages are prepared for NOAUTOLINK on
TWikibug:Item6231 Include: List of domains to exclude from proxy with {PROXY}{SkipProxyForDomains} setting
TWikibug:Item6371 Display proper time zone diff in ISO date and date containing $tz if local time is used, such as 2010-06-02T02:14:57-07:00
TWikibug:Item6463 InterwikiPlugin links not working if topic included from different web, such as if used in TopMenuSkin menus
TWikibug:Item6480 TWiki.TWikiDocGraphicsTemplate missing in TWiki-5.0.0 distribution
TWikibug:Item6489 MailerContrib: Separate WIKITOOLNAME from WEB name; escape WEB name to avoid auto-linking in case web is WikiWord
TWikibug:Item6490 TagMePlugin: Template has hardcoded link to TWiki web
TWikibug:Item6492 PatternSkin: Can't Attach files on IE-8, TWiki thinks max upload files exceeded
TWikibug:Item6493 SpreadSheetPlugin: Product function gives wrong result
TWikibug:Item6494 Attach/remove/attach gives error: Can't call method "binmode" on an undefined value
TWikibug:Item6503 InterwikiPlugin: Fix specific Web.Topic interwiki links to have .../view/Web/Topic type URLs
TWikibug:Item6506 SpreadSheetPlugin: Document delayed evaluation of CALC in included topics
TWikibug:Item6508 ATTACHEDIMAGEFORMAT issues
TWikibug:Item6514 PatternSkin: Floats overlap topic action bar at bottom if topic is short
TWikibug:Item6524 TopMenuSkin: No Account pulldown menu on Opera browser
TWikibug:Item6529 Use of uninitialized value in substitution in and
TWikibug:Item6537 SpreadSheetPlugin: Formula $EVAL(13 - 08) returns error: Illegal octal digit '8'
TWikibug:Item6544 Jump Box has no help text in IE8
TWikibug:Item6561 mod_perl2 incompatible check for ENV{GATEWAY_INTERFACE}
TWikibug:Item6565 Parentheses missing
TWikibug:Item6578 Use of uninitialized value in split at lib/ line 1302
TWikibug:Item6581 Allow commas and semicolons as e-mail separator
TWikibug:Item6582 Sanitize URL parameters
TWikibug:Item6583 mod_perl error: %ENV is aliased to another variable while running with -T switch
Total: 25

TWiki-5.0.2 Patch Release - Details

TWiki-5.0.2-rc1 was built from SVN revision 21061 (2011-04-21)


TWikibug:Item2385 Add IP address to registration e-mail confirming e-mail address
TWikibug:Item6589 8 new TWikiDocGraphics icons, 2 updated icons for TWiki 5.0.2
TWikibug:Item6593 Documentation enhancements for TWiki 5.0.2
TWikibug:Item6603 JSCalendarContrib: Add transparent image for nicer date button in TWiki Forms
TWikibug:Item6608 PatternSkin: Reduce font size of H1 and H2 headings
TWikibug:Item6609 In TWikiForms type table, automatically list form field types that are defined in contribs
TWikibug:Item6614 TopMenuSkin: Always show register link in Account menu, regardless of login status
TWikibug:Item6618 User definable topic parent for new user profile pages
TWikibug:Item6621 In QUERYPARAMS, deprecate encoding="" parameter, and add encode=""
TWikibug:Item6622 PatternSkin: Don't hide non-hidden attachments
TWikibug:Item6626 SlideShowPlugin: New slide navigation using keys: Home, Left-arrow, Page-up, Right-arrow, Page-down, End and Esc
TWikibug:Item6653 JQueryPlugin: Update plugin to jquery-1.5.1 and jquery-ui-1.8.10
TWikibug:Item6659 TopMenuSkin: Customizable web-specific top bar
TWikibug:Item6666 SpreadSheetPlugin: New SPLIT() function to split a string into a list
TWikibug:Item6669 SpreadSheetPlugin: Add LISTNONEMPTY() function that removes empty elements from a list
TWikibug:Item6681 SpreadSheetPlugin: New WHILE() function to do something in a loop while a condition is met
Total: 16


TWikibug:Item5384 Allow Delete of Duplicate Attachments
TWikibug:Item6491 Missing template change in TWiki-5.0.0 for EDITMETHOD setting
TWikibug:Item6602 The viewfile script delivers attachments with lower-cased names
TWikibug:Item6604 Documentation missing for EDITMETHOD setting
TWikibug:Item6625 Documentation for time format not available to normal users
TWikibug:Item6634 Topic links in included topics not web-prefixed if WikiWord ends with punctuation
TWikibug:Item6667 SpreadSheetPlugin: RIGHT() has wrong result due to incorrect start cell
TWikibug:Item6668 SpreadSheetPlugin: LIST() does not flatten a list in a cell
TWikibug:Item6673 Sanitize URL parameters on login
TWikibug:Item6675 JQueryPlugin: Possible to specify JQTHEME more than once per page, but only first one takes effect
TWikibug:Item6679 SpreadSheetPlugin: Small issue with LISTRAND, where last item only got 50% of fair share to get picked
TWikibug:Item6687 Statistics script leaves temp files behind
Total: 12

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